Back to school!

Labour day weekend marks the end of summer, and the beginning of another special season: BACK TO SCHOOL SEASON! A very exciting time for everyone, parents and kids alike. At Opticianado we of course encourage you to consider yours and your childs eyes when prepping for the new school year. Straining to see the chalkboard is likely the first sign that your child’s vision needs improvement. From that point, the first step of course is the eye exam. Opticianado has an optometrist in each weekend providing comprehensive eye exams. Call us anytime to book for yourself and your kids. Remember that eye exams are covered by OHIP for children under 18, and for bigger kids it’s only $80.

Finding stylish frames for little faces can be a challenge, but we’ve got you covered. The innovative Danish eyewear brand Lindberg has a line for kids and even teenagers, to fit those in between faces.

We have a few models in stock right now to try. IMG 0816

For the more hip little face we can even fit you with some baby Ray-Bans. “Baby-Bans” could catch on right?? Or perhaps “Ray-Babys?”

IMG 0809
Another Danish brand, Pro Design, has a few models which work very well for children as well as petite female faces.

IMG 0814 e1346532840529
Some food for thought for the more active, or potentially accident prone child: we can outfit swimming goggles or protective eyewear with a prescription.

IMG 0817 IMG 0818

For older students, we can recommend some back to school reading or computer lenses that will help with those long “study” sessions sure to be coming up soon.

Whatever your eyewear concern, we’re hear to help, and educate! Best of luck in the coming school year!

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