Custom Fit Contact Lenses

Did you know that we custom fit contact lenses?

If you’re looking to bust out those vintage sunnies that are just too big to put your prescription into or just want to give your glasses a day off, contact lenses might be something to look into.

Opticianado has a new contact lens fitter who specializes in all types of contact lens fits from teaching new users the ease of contact lens wear to the most difficult prescriptions where contacts are sometimes the only option in achieving the best possible visual acuity.

Below are a couple of contact lens options that might work for you:

Daily disposable lenses:  For one-time use only and designed for optimal health and comfort – daily disposable lenses are great for sports, camping, swimming, or for people who just hate cleaning their lenses.

Daily wear lenses:  Usually available in monthly or bi-weekly styles, meaning they can be worn between 15 and 30 times before throwing away. These lenses are designed for everyday use and come in a wide variety of parameters and prescriptions.  These lenses can be great for people who wear their contact lenses more often and are looking for a cost efficient, comfortable lens for any occasion.

Bi-Focal and Multi-Focal lenses:  These lenses are available in daily disposable and monthly disposable designs and despite what your neighbour at work may have told you, they can be great for work, on your computer, or just seeing what spices are on your food at your favourite restaurant.  Most people are pleasantly surprised when first trying multi-focal contact lenses and because of new technologies and innovations these lenses are available in more parameters now then ever.

Gas Permeable lenses:  Best for everyday use, these lenses are great at correcting some of the most difficult prescriptions and achieving the best possible vision.  They are available in many different designs including multi-focal, high astigmatism and irregular cornea.  When nothing else seems to work, these little lenses can be the most important part of your life!

Cosmetic and Colour lenses:  These lenses are making a comeback thanks to new innovations in health and comfort and are now offered in daily or monthly disposable designs.  Whether you’re looking for slight colour enhancement or a total opaque colour change, coloured lenses can have a great effect.

If you would like to know more or just want to meet this new contact lens fitter, feel free to stop by the shop or call in to book a contact lens fitting.



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