Let’s talk contacts!

Freedom from your glasses is just a few steps away!

As much as our team at Opticianado loves to see you confidently sport your glasses, we understand the convenience and comfort that contact lenses can provide.

Contact lenses have come a long way since Leonardo Da Vinci first conceptualized them back in 1508. Each year they are advancing the technology and materials to accommodate a full spectrum of patients without sacrificing comfort or health.

Our licensed opticians take pride in being up to date with the most current product advancements and are excited to assist you in determining the perfect lenses for your prescription and lifestyle.

Interested in trying contacts for the first time?

Our skilled staff is equipped and excited to fit, evaluate, and teach you how to use and properly care for your contact lenses. Contact lenses are available in a huge variety of parameters, materials and prescriptions. Let us help narrow it down to the ideal pair.

Worn contact lenses in the past but discontinued wear due to discomfort, inconvenience or cost?

We offer a vast selection of products at competitive pricing so that you don’t have to compromise quality of service or the health of your eyes. Make sure to ask about potential mail-in rebates.

Thought you weren’t able to enjoy contact lenses now that you need the correction of multi-focals?

Guess again! We also provide a great selection of options for all of our presbyopic clients and have been fitting multi-focal contact lenses with great success.

Stop on by or schedule a contact lens fitting and we’ll set you up with a set of trial lenses to ensure the perfect fit before you invest in a supply.

Have a copy of your prescription ready before your first visit, or let us make you an appointment with our on site Optometrist. Your prescription is valid for one year after your exam. While we are still able to fill expired prescriptions, it is important to have our eyes checked regularly as there may be underlying problems that do not directly affect your vision. Always ask for your prescription before leaving your optometrist (even if there is no change).


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