Opticianado Taking Part in CONTACT 2012 with Artist Shelley Wildeman

Starting on the evening of May 5th, Opticianado will be playing host-gallery to photographer Shelley Wildeman as part of this year’s Scotiabank CONTACT Photography Festival.

In Wildeman’s word’s her work will evoke ideas concerning ‘urban parks, places that resemble nature but on our terms. Urban parks were first established in England in response to overcrowded cities with poor sanitation and air. They were places of healthy living for the public. As part of my exploration of people moving through public spaces, this series “Semi-Natural State” was created specifically about these places’

The shop will be open late so art lovers and passers by can come in view the Wildeman’s work, and even try on some frames if they are so inclined.

Photography will be on display beginning May 5th until the close of the festival.

Fore more information goto: www.shelleywildeman.com

2 Semi NaturalState

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