The Junction Music Festival and beyond…

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Opticianado will be participating as a venue in this weekend’s Junction Music Festival. On Saturday September 22nd we will showcase two local acts, spanning two very different genres of music. First up is the jazz flute wonderment that is Jef Kearns. Jef will be joined by Stevie Gee on guitar.

jef kearns

Jef Kearns Duo

Ending off the day we will have Toronto duo MOVES. MOVES is the music of Joe Organ. The music combines combines the sheen of poppy vocal harmonies with the edginess of driving rhythms and a garagey, DIY approach. Joe will be joined this Saturday by Spencer Cole on Drums.



The Junction Music Festival is a special event for us, but we do have live music in the store every month. In the past we have had a great mix of jazz, blues, and pop. We don’t plan on stopping the fun there. Our calendar is all set for the rest of the year with an eclectic mix of great talent.

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In October we are thrilled to have Marker Starling, the music of Chris Cummings. Formerly know as “Mantler ” Chris’ music will be familiar to some of our regular customers, as we spin the vinyl copy of his last release “Monody” quite a bit in-store. This should be a special treat as Chris will be performing on the in-store Hammond Organ.

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November welcomes the awfully offbeat, but grossly talented Doctor Ew. Frontman for the seemingly forever on hiatus pre-pubescent pop darlings “The Bicycles”, Drew Smith has released a fantastic solo album as Doctor Ew. Drew’s voice is distinct, and beautifully reminiscent of Brian Wilson. This set is surely not to be missed.

joel schwartz

Finally, to end off the year, in December we will have Joel Schwartz. Joel is a very busy guitarist and multi-instrumentalist on the Canadian music scene. Having spent most of this spring on tour with the Great Lake Swimmers, and playing lots of shows throughout the summer, we welcome him home for a low-key Junction Love-in at Opticianado.

All regular in-store music series run the second Sunday of the month 1pm-4pm, and admission is always free. Interested in performing? Get in touch

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