Hey all!

We’re lucky enough to be able to showcase one of the biggest selections of Lindberg frames in the city of Toronto, and in the last few weeks we’ve been expanding on our collection in a big way. In addition to several new ophthalmic styles, for the first time ever we also have several styles of Lindberg sunglasses to offer our clientele!

I snapped up the second pair of the gold 8402 (pictured below) the nanosecond the delivery guy dropped them off. They are super lightweight; as close as you can get to feeling like you’re not wearing glasses while actually wearing glasses. The use of negative space in them is so incredibly innovative and creates the perfect blend of classic elements of style while giving off a futuristic vibe.


Mad sci-fi vibes with these mirrored green lenses.



We’ve only got this limited quantity of Lindberg sunnies to spare, so come by and give them a try while our staff gives you the lowdown on one of our favourite contemporary brands.

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