23k Gold Plated Vintage Vuarnet Straps!

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Keep your spiffy vintage shades from getting lost on the hills with a set of straps by Vuarnet. Each piece is made with a durable cotton/nylon cord with the Vuarnet emblem near the tips. We also have a limited supply of vintage straps with 23k gold plated tips and emblem! Straps come in a wide variety of colours!

‘”In 1960, Jean Vuarnet won the gold medal in down-hill skiing during the Squaw-Valley winter Olympics in the USA. Just before the ski French team’s departure, Roger Pouilloux, a genius optician offered a dozen pairs of glasses to the Ski French Federation. Upon his return, Jean described his Olympic adventures in news clips wearing the glasses designed by Mr. Pouilloux’, who decided to meet the Champion!
Sharing a common taste for technicality, innovation and quality, they agreed to create the Vuarnet sunglasses together! Jean Vuarnet was seduced by this eyewear, the lenses of which, invented by Mr. Hatchiguian, feature an extraordinary optical quality! Jean will declare as he was testing them “they are terrific in all types of weather; I can see the relief precisely!” Later, in 1984, the Vuarnet eyewear became official sponsor of the Los-Angeles Summer Olympic. For Vuarnet, this was a real boost with more than 1.4 million frames sold every year worldwide. Groups of American tourists rushed in French optical stores asking the « Warnay » glasses. Indeed, at this time on the other end of the world, speakers presenting the weather forecasts on TV or on the Californian fm radio stations would use the phrase « it’s a Vuarnet day today » to announce a sunny day.The brand’s image took shape gradually.Field of application: sun protection in the field of leisure sports, adventure, already a way of being, a way of life. And the Vuarnet brand was born.” -www.vuarnet.com