Essilor’s New Opti-Fog Coating

IMG 0358

We just received a really cool package in our delivery today with sample of Essilor’s new Opti-Fog coating. This coating is designed to prevent your lenses from fogging up such as: moving from cold to hot environment, drinking hot beverages, eating hot food, boiling a pot of water, opening the dishwasher, sporting events when you start to heat up or even for certain jobs where sparing a moment to clean your glasses can be difficult (firefighters, surgeons).

To fully make use of the Opti-Fog coating, an activator needs to be applied to the coating (included with purchase) however, we found that even without it, the coating was performing admirably. A quick breath test had wow’d us at how effective this coating is, but we decided to put it through a bit more of an extreme test by boiling some water underneath the lens.

Take a look at the video and see for yourself!