History of Eyewear: Anglo American Optical

Anglo American Optical is one of the most influential eyewear designers of the past century. They’ve been around since the 1880’s and are still going strong. They are known for their hand-made in England acetate frames.

Their inventiveness has continued to inspire Oliver Goldsmith and Oliver Peoples to this day. Not to mention, they pretty much made the 80’s what they were. Remember that talk show host Sally Jessy Raphael? Well, most people only remember her for her big red glasses – I am so certain that they are Anglo American, yet Google has failed to confirm this one for me yet…

What I can confirm is that Anglo American is responsible for Gregory Peck’s iconic and sleek frame from To Kill a Mockingbird. This frame design is currently still in production from the brand and has transcended over generations. We currently have a vintage model 406 and new 406 – the frame he wore.

I will gladly say we have the largest vintage collection of deadstock Anglo American frames you will find. So many shapes and colours, it’s simply overwhelming.

Below is merely an example of the outrageous 80’s creativity executed by this brand. Inquire about more craziness in store.


Also, if you have any leads on the branding of Sally Jesse Raphael’s eyewear, feel free to let me know!

– Blaire.

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