Small womens eyewear: Opticianado makes petites really neat!

Just as we have embraced the BIG headed eyewear enthusiast, women with petite faces, and slender bridges can find solace in the new release and vintage eyewear collection at Opticianado.

Opticianado new release eyewear, designers Bevel and Matttew have a number of great small styles to offer in Acetates and Titanium. Here are a few of the frames available now at Opticianado:


Hoover NVVT

Ella Font BM
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Disco Red

Ballet Pink

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Of course, at Opticianado we can’t help but sway the vintage way. Many of our womens (and mens) vintage frames are an excellent fit for a more petite face. Made in the days when products were never “one size fits most” vintage frames from Opticianado are a terrific solution for a different eyewear look that will fit a smaller face.






All vintage photos (c) Opticianado Ltd. More photos of frames Opticianado recommends for small women can be found on the Opticianado Facebook page.

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