Vintage Sunglasses: Which COMMODORE are you?

Thanks to our good friends across the street at Pandemonium Records for dropping off a classic Commmodores album on vinyl. The special edition album included an autographed poster of the band. Not only are the funky tunes hitting our turntable in-store, but a lot of the iconic vintage sunglasses worn by the band can be found on the shelves at Opticianado!

commodore instagram

Which Commodore are you??

IMG 1659 e1373134671469

IMG 1660 e1373138297817

If any of these vintage sunglasses have you dancin’ on the ceilin’, come on in to Opticianado soon to give them a try. Any of them are guaranteed to make you feel totally “brickhouse”.

IMG 1662 e1373140375440

IMG 1666 e1373140627143

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