Too Sunny To Be Squint-y

Got a pair of specs with us? Good! You look great, and with the summer sun upon us, clip-on lenses are an easy way to upgrade your current frame into a sunglass without committing to a whole new pair. They offer an economical yet stylish solution on sunny and snowy days.

Our in-store experts trace the shape of your new or existing pair, so the sun lens is seamless. Our styles include bar across the top, low profile, and a retro-style flip up which we adore. Lenses can be regular grey, brown, or green, or polarized (a popular glare-cutting option). Come on by to see some samples and chat with us about your options! We also have a few pairs of vintage clips kicking around that may fit your frames.

Because it’s too sunny to be squint-y.

IMG_1453 IMG_1450 IMG_1449


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