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Back to School Style

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As the summer months wind down and the days get shorter, we begin to hear the phrase that strikes fear into the heart of freaks and geeks everywhere: BACK TO SCHOOL! All kidding aside, amidst all the new school supplies and fancy new clothes for class picture day, don’t lose sight of the blackboard or bus stop; […]

Vintage for Kids!

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  Within our huge selection of vintage dead stock eyewear, we’ve got tons of different sizes. Some are small enough for a child as young as 5 years old! To accomodate little ones’ personalities, we stock many different shapes and colours. Come on in to shop the entire kid’s collection.

Lookin’ Cool for Back To School!

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Send your kids back to school with perfect vision. Children under the age of 20 are covered under OHIP and we are happy to arrange an eye-exam Friday afternoons (starting at 2pm) or Saturday (starting at 11am.) Amongst our wide variety of vintage and new release styles,we carry many frames for children and teens of […]