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In this truly one of a kind collection, Lindberg combines tasteful minimalism with luxurious materials to create a set of exquisite shapes. Buffalo Titanium has captured the optical industry’s attention with its originality and meticulous pursuit of beauty, winning multiple awards all over the world. We’re thrilled to have 5 new pieces from this collection […]

Lindbergs for the whole family!

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Lindberg prides themselves in making some of the most innovative and forward thinking eyewear designs. Their eyewear is made of 100% Titanium as well as acetate to create bold but extremely light weight frames. Lindberg offers many different sizes and colours giving an array of options for the entire family. If your nervous for your child’s […]

Lindberg Horn Collection now available at Opticianado

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Opticianado is now happy to carry the rare Lindberg Horn Collection. Lindberg is still somewhat hard to find in Toronto, so this collection especially should bring eyewear enthusiasts from far and wide to Opticianado. Handmade of titanium and Water Buffalo Horn, the front of the frames are constructed of layers of laminated horn giving this […]