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The Resurgence of Metal Frames

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Whether it’s fashion, food, music, or eyeglasses, it’s not always easy to predict trendsetting styles and ideas.  Often, as soon as something is popular, a new trend sweeps in faster than most can notice, so trendspotting can sometimes seem futile. However, one such noticeable burgeoning trend in eyeglasses is the resurgence of metal frames. Metal frames […]

New Stock: Savile Row

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JP picked up a new brand for the shop: Savile Row, who have been manufacturing hand-made frames in London, England at The Algha Works factory since the 1930’s. This family-run business is responsible for iconic custom eye wear as seen onHarry Potter, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Eric Clapton and last but certainly not least, John […]