What attracted you to the optical industry?

It sort of happened by accident, honestly. I started at the shop when I first moved to Toronto and quickly found that I loved the team, shop environment, and working one-on-one with people as a stylist. My colleagues all (very strongly) encouraged me to pursue opticianry and since I loved it so much, I decided to take it seriously and carve out a niche for myself!

What is your biggest challenge as a student optician?

Wearing so many different hats and balancing them all.

What do you find most rewarding about your job?

The feeling of being fully engaged in acquiring new knowledge and skills that I didn’t have before, and being able to surprise myself by excelling at it. I LOVED my ocular health class in particular and never would have known how much the human body fascinates me if I hadn’t decided to pursue this path. Our eyes are so resilient and do so much without us even knowing. Thank you, eyeballs.

Also, being able to combine technical knowledge with my love for design and style every day, especially when working with Jordan on our house line.

And helping people see their own beauty.

How have you changed since the start of your optical path?

I believe in myself more.

Your most coveted frame?

The Lindberg Rim Mila or the N.O.W. 6550.

Favourite Junction spots?

S H A M O N E. Always there for me with those special cocktails and snax.

Favourite vinyl in the shop?

Best of Cat Stevens.

Favourite brand that we carry?

LA Eyeworks. I love that they always push the envelope with daring shapes and colours but still manage to be very wearable.

Favourite tool?


Round or square?


Less or more?


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