In Love With The Junction

In Love With The Junction
Opticianado’s Girl-Friday, Expresses Adoration for Newly Discovered Territory

Its been over five years since I moved to this city, and it was only a few months ago that I first truly set foot in The Junction. I guess living in Queen West, I always imagined it to be ‘out of the way’ and a complicated commute – but when Jordan offered me a job at this beautiful shop, I couldn’t say no.


Taking the TTC was not nearly as daunting as I imagined, after two quick streetcars I hopped off at Dundas and Keele – and landed in the heart of The Junction.

I never realized what a gem this area is. Being an older area of Toronto, named of course after the ‘junction’ or intersection of the four railways lines, you get the excitement and vibe of downtown living, beautiful old buildings – but less of an ‘urban rush’ it seems. I feel more relaxed here, with an inclination to stroll this portion of Dundas, as opposed to hustle down it.

For a gal who never packs my own lunch, I am always tempted by so many of the incredible eateries in the ‘hood. Here are a few of the spots that always satisfy:

The Beet (2945 Dundas St West) – Always an incredible option if you are in the mood for a local organic lunch. Packed with veggies, and nutrition, and locally grown grains, dairy, meat, and produce, The Beet is sure bet – but don’t let all of the healthy buzzwords scare you off… its mighty tasty too!

Lan Sushi (2982 Dundas St West) – This small unassuming sushi joint is cute as a button, uber-friendly staff and pocket-friendly prices keep me going back for more. The best part is while you are waiting for your take-out order, complementary hand rolls are most always handed out…it’s like a sushi loot-bag!

Bunner’s Bake Shop (3054 Dundas St. West) – Get there. Now. I almost want to leave it at that. Since a good friend of mine went gluten-free, I am always on the lookout for gluten-free treats for her, and have been curious about making the change myself…lets just say I walked in, smelled the sweetness baking, and after one brownie, I was hooked. 100% Vegan & Gluten-free.

The Junction is also known for incredible design stores, ranging from Scandinavian to salvage. If you didn’t make it to The Junction Art Crawl this past summer, these are some spots to hit:

Narwhal Projects (2988 Dundas St. West) – As part of The Magic Pony family, The Narwhal Art Project brings about engaging, quirky, and ever-changing collaborative work, and accessible art exhibitions and objects for all in The Junction to enjoy.

Mjölk (2959 Dundas St. West) – With a finely curated collection of Japanese and Scandinavian household products and furnishings, those with a sophisticated, yet minimalist sense of design will melt over Mjölk.

Post & Beam Architectural Reclamation (2869 Dundas St. West) – If you’re like me and you adore rustic interiors with reclaimed wood furniture and architectural salvage; you will feel like a kid in a candy store here, I promise.

So, those are a few of my favorites in the area so far – but this is newfound love, baby – and I am gonna keep on exploring this wonderful neighborhood.

And don’t forget, here at Opticianado, right in the heart of The Junction, we have a free live music event once a month, so stay tuned to our blog, facebook, and twitter – and pay us a visit. Once you get here you won’t want to leave… I don’t!

– Louisa Cohen

NEXT Opticianado EVENT:
January, 22nd LIVE MUSIC 1:00PM – 4:00PM
FEATURING: Michael Davidson & Dan Fortin – Vibraphone & Double Bass