New Stock: Savile Row

JP picked up a new brand for the shop: Savile Row, who have been manufacturing hand-made frames in London, England at The Algha Works factory since the 1930’s.

This family-run business is responsible for iconic custom eye wear as seen onHarry Potter, Harrison Ford, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Eric Clapton and last but certainly not least, John Lennon, whom was a lifetime supporter of their eye wear. The Algha Works factory was also responsible for providing the UK with National Health and Safety frames during the second world war which accounted for 65% of outsourcing, which had a great impact on the development of manufacturing standards.

Savile Row’s meticulous attention to detail, classic styles and original machinery are what these frames so unique.We’re proud to say we will be the only ones carrying the brand in all of Canada!

Visit BBC to find out more about the production of these luxurious frames.


Savile Row uses rolled gold and plated gold to create their beautifully crafted temples.


The National Health and Safety Spectacle chart

savile row 2

Antique blue print of a fireman’s safety goggle

savile row 5 savile row 4 savile row 3 savile row

Loyal workers using original techniques and machinery

savile 6

Furthermore, here are some of the frames we now carry on our shelves.

SavileRow12 SavileRow11 SavileRow9 SavileRow8SavileRow6 SavileRow5 SavileRow4SavileRow7 SavileRow3 SavileRow2 SavileRow1 SavileRow (2)

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