New Stock: Vintage Savile Row


Since the 1890s. Made in London since the 1930s.

Founded in 1898 in Rathenow, Germany, the Max Wiseman & Co. began fabricating fine eyewear by hand. In 1932, they established the Algha factory in London’s historical east end.  The Algha factory has fostered many world-class frame makers dedicated to producing the finest quality handmade eyewear. For  83 years, the factory has produced frames for some of the most iconic celebrities and frame wearers in the world — from John Lennon to Daniel Radcliffe’s Harry Potter, Denzel Washington, Johnny Depp, Harrison Ford, Sean Connery and Ben Kingsley’s Gandhi.

All of Savile Row’s frames are handmade from start to finish. Algha’s frame makers apply generations of expertise to the frame making process. The rolled gold pieces are crafted from 18K gold and go through over 120 meticulous processes to produce the finished product.

We are happy to be the only retailer of Savile Row in Canada! We have both new styles, as well as vintage Algha frames! Come on by to have a look at these beautiful pieces of eyewear history. 



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