Wonderfully talented optician Samantha has the ability to make any customer who walks into our shop feel comfortable and supported as they make an investment in a new frame. This swan-y beauty has been endlessly helpful to me since I started working at Opticianado and in my decision to become an optician myself. I took the opportunity this week to ask her some questions about her approach to style and her optical career, among other things. Check out what she had to say!

What do you like about working in the Junction? What’s changed since you started?

There’s a great sense of community in the Junction, I pass familiar framed faces everyday on the sidewalks and it’s so wonderful to have neighbours that are excited to support independent businesses.  Great coffee options, a hearty farmers market, top notch restaurants! There’s lots of buzz around The Junction right now and I’m really excited to witness, and participate in, the growth.

How do you think that Opticianado differs from other shops when it comes to helping people choose a frame?

Being at Opticianado is so refreshing. The optical industry is pretty competitive and Jordan has sought out such a unique inventory and puts a lot of emphasis on quality and longevity of the styles we provide. It allows people to build a groovy collection when their glasses are built to last!
Working with vintage stock is pretty rewarding, we have such beautifully unique faces come through our shop and it’s nice to work with stock that also comes with such a variety of shapes, sizes and personalities to suite!

What does it mean to you to be a good optician?

Finding a balance between fashion and function. I want people to feel like their best selves in their glasses but I’m also not doing them any justice if they aren’t comfortable to wear or see out of. We need to get to know someone’s lifestyle and visual demands in addition to complimenting their personal style and facial features. That’s when I really get to shine as an Optician!

What makes a pair of frames the ‘right’ pair?

Fit and shape. You can pull off some amazingly bold eyewear if it fits like it was custom made for you.

How would you describe your personal sense of style?

I feel my best in a good fitting pair of jeans and a plain white t-shirt, with a nice leather belt and shoes to tie it together.  Clean and classic with some feminine accents.


Less or more?


Round or square?


Which frame here at the shop would you say is the most timeless?

Savile Row’s round gold frames. They’re elegant face jewelry that will never stop being stylish.

Top frames on your wishlist?

Yellows Plus GAIL in aqua grey/classic havana


Lindberg Acetanium 1040


If you’re browsing around for a new pair of glasses, or just curious about our shop and what we do here, make an afternoon of it and head to the Junction to chat with me and Sam! Try on some funky fresh frames before discovering more of what this rapidly changing neighborhood has to offer.

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