Style Notes: Round Frames

Picking the perfect round frame can be overwhelming(and exciting!). There are often many variations of the round shape, such as oval, true round(think John Lennon), thick round, small round, big 80’s round, round metal frames(and the list goes on!).Whew!

Our stylists are always keen to help you find the right shape, and find that perfect balance of something oversized but that fits your face. A Keyhole bridge is a great option on a round frame if you have a large nose or no bridge, it almost acts as a nosepad on a plastic frame. Here are some examples of classic round frames, and different bridge options! Where there are no set rules on what frame to wear with a specific frame shape, we find that round frames suit a lot of our clients, and work amazing with all prescriptions especially a progressive lens!


Round plastic frames with keyhole . Perfect if you have a wider bridge or a flat bridge.


Bold and Oversized! As long as the bridge fits well, this look is intentionally meant to fit big. Go wild!


Round Metal Frames with Nosepads. Nosepads are a great way to be able to adjust your frame as needed, stop them from sliding down or customize the bridge. This look is tres chic! Granny chic!


Small and Round Antique Style. Great for all Rx’s especially a Progressive lens.

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