Cateyes from Upstate New York

Ever wonder where we source our vintage frames from? Owner, Jordan found a batch of women’s cat-eye glasses in Upstate New York from a retiring Optometrist. These gorgeous women’s cat-eye’s are in absolute mint condition and even came in their original packaging. Their detailing and adornment are just so lovely. The blue/silver and clear/gold pairs have aluminum temples while the front is simply plastic. The black pair below, is made entirely of aluminum. The last pair is a plastic frame that has some grey nuances in the plastic. Beautiful detailing as well.

Come by the shop to take a look at all the adorned cat-eye frames we have (and trust me, we have a plenty!)CATEYE CATEYE2 CATEYE3 CATEYE4 CATEYE5 CATEYE6 CATEYE7 CATEYE8

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