Back to School Style

As the summer months wind down and the days get shorter, we begin to hear the phrase that strikes fear into the heart of freaks and geeks everywhere: BACK TO SCHOOL!

All kidding aside, amidst all the new school supplies and fancy new clothes for class picture day, don’t lose sight of the blackboard or bus stop; we have a great many frame styles for young eyes available in store.  As always, our in-house optometrist is available on Thursdays and Saturdays for eye exams, which are covered by OHIP for all children under the age of 20.  Call us any time at 416-604-2020 to book an appointment with Dr. Fernandez.

Lindberg, a world-renowned maker from Denmark, have a wide variety of ultra-light and durable glasses that are perfect for the increased daily wear-and-tear of children and teenagers.  With a two-year manufacturer’s warranty, Lindbergs are one of our top recommendations for any young person or their parent who come looking for glasses.

lindberg-kids-1501-20-c.af77-eyeglasses_20774 lindberg-kids-1505-304-c.ag06-eyeglasses_20776


Lindbergs come in a variety of shapes and colours, so each pair can be customized to the liking of the wearer.  We also offer a variety of smaller frames from makers such as Bevel and Rodenstock that fit adolescents and teenagers perfectly.  We also offer prescription goggles for swim classes, sports goggles for gym class, and lots of other specialty eyewear for the diverse needs of young people today.  Stop by the store and let one of our frame stylists help you and your children be prepared for the upcoming school year!

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