If I’m not at the shop helping people choose a frame, there’s a fairly good chance that I’m sushi-rolled in blankets in front of my laptop binge watching one show or another. Especially with autumn now fully upon us and wetting my appetite for coziness.

I’ve been hooked on Narcos since season 1, and this year I thoroughly enjoyed watching the hunt for Pablo Escobar. The acting in this series and the attention to detail (right down to the characters’ regional accents) are both incredible. As a Colombian person myself, it was refreshing to see the care that went into producing this dramatic portrayal of a very dark time in Colombia’s history.

I also got a good look at some of the 80s fashion and eyewear worn by the characters and since then I have been itchy to write this blog post.

Javier Pena is frequently shown wearing big bold iconic aviators.


Plenty of characters in the show wear Ray Bans, but with our specialty being vintage eyewear we couldn’t just stop there.


Judy Moncada rocks this beautiful sunglass frame reminiscent of 2 pairs we have in store.


The first is vintage French Vuarnet (the 80s nostalgia is so real) with fierce gold detailing in the bridge and temples.



The second by the elusive Japanese brand Yellows Plus. Available at only 3 locations across Canada, Yellows Plus offers handcrafted frames in an elegant colour palette with high-grade titanium metal details. The quality of the materials and passionate craftsmanship make frames from this brand an excellent investment in your eyes and personal style.


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