The Importance of Regular Eye Exams


Why are eye exams important? Do I need to bother checking my eyes if I don’t wear glasses? Is a simple sight test and not a full exam OK? How often should I be testing my eyes?

These are all common questions we encounter on a daily basis, and hopefully this blog post will help answer why eye exams are crucial to your overall health.

An Optometrist is not just here to see if you need a prescription. These trained professionals also check the health of your eyes, troubleshoot for common eye diseases, assess how your eyes work together, and evaluate your eyes as an indicator of your overall health. The common misconception we hear most is that if you do not wear glasses then you do not need regular eye check-ups – this is not true! Think of it like going to the dentist, you don’t just go when a major problem hits, you go for regular cleaning and maintenance to make sure everything is a-OK. The same is true for regular eye examinations.

It is recommended that adults see an Optometrist every 2 years, and yearly if you are under 20, over 65, have a history of family eye issues, or are noticing any issues (strain, blurring, spotting, or anything out of the ordinary for you).  We see many clients who did not know they were not seeing clearly, and a minor prescription changes their lives for the better! Statements like, “I never knew leaves had that much definition,” or “I can drive so much better at night now,” we hear quite often.

Eye exams are especially important for children and teens, and play an important role in their academic achievement and normal vision development. Children with undetected vision problems often have trouble with their school work, and do not necessarily complain of vision issues as they do not know what normal vision looks like. Same is the case in teens and young adults if their eyes become strained when reading, using the computer, or seeing the board in school.

We are happy to offer comprehensive eye exams in store on Thursdays and Saturdays with the wonderful Dr. Fernandez! Give us a call at 416.604.2020 or email us at to book! The cost of  the full exam is $90, and if you are under 20 or over 65 OHIP covers the fee. We will always provide you with the proper receipts necessary to claim through your private insurance as well.

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