If you’ve been to the shop at all before, you know that our shapes are largely unisex and that we choose to organize our stock by style and designer as opposed to gender. Our unique approach to finding you the best eyewear means that we prefer to focus mainly on fit and details that enhance your natural features. Though a cat eye is typically considered ‘feminine’, there are few other shapes out there that are as universally flattering. The up-swept corners create an angular bone structure, enhancing the natural jaw-line and drawing attention right to your beautiful eyes.

Back in the day, this shape on a man was hardly considered strange!


Cat-eyes on men have definitely become more and more present in fashion, retail and media. I would even venture to say they’re a certified Lewk™. Just check these guys out!

Bad Bunny in the “I Like It” music video

Most guys who come into the shop tend towards more traditional square and rectangular shapes with clean, straight lines, but we’ve also had some very fashion-forward men strut out the door rocking a hot pink cat eye and look amazing doing it! We’ve got Toronto’s most eclectic selection and a little something to make the style work for all genders.

It’s important to remember that the frame you choose conveys a lot about your personal sense of style, and whether you prefer something bold or conservative, our goal is always to help you find a pair of glasses that feels authentic to you.

We hope that the next time you come to Opticianado you’ll try out a cat-eye, even just for fun.


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