If you’ve been shopping around for a new pair of specs, after a while the dozens and dozens of pairs you’ve tried on in a day can start to blend together. If you need to take a breather and consider all your options before going ahead and committing to something new, having a few photos of your favourites comes in handy as a visual reference. It’s also a good way to show your team of style consultants (aka friends and family) what you’re considering.

Taking a good photo can be tricky. It’s hard to convey the fit, colours, and details of a frame from a picture taken with a cell phone, and the classic “selfie” angle with your arm sticking out, or taking the photo from too close up can actually make the glasses appear much larger than they are in real life.

The team at Opticianado is more than happy to give you a hand here.

We’ve got the perfect naturally lit blank wall to let the fit and construction of the glasses shine through, and having one of us take the photo for you actually optimizes the angles and bring out your best features. When you’re flipping through your photos later, you can then focus on the glasses themselves rather than bad lighting, ugly reflections off of demo lenses, or immediately dismissing them if you don’t love the way you look in the photo.

Check out these examples:

w h y

there we go

what glasses even are these? where are my eyes? who knows?

new profile-picture material right here


Check out that fit!



Whether you typically love or hate the way you look in glasses, our opticians see the beauty in your unique features and are trained specifically to find the perfect frame both aesthetically and technically. We look forward to helping you along on your way to better vision and better glasses.

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