Round frames have become quite the hot commodity recently, and we’ve got a large selection of everything from true round to panto, as well as rounded square for those of you looking for a shape that’s a little more in the middle.

Yet we find that a lot of people perusing our shop are hesitant to give this shape a try because, upon slipping them on, they ‘feel like Harry Potter’. Now, any random round frame does not a Harry Potter make, and today I’m going to tell you why.


Let’s take a closer look at the boy who lived’s frames. These iconic glasses are a drop-temple saddle bridge made by Savile Row, which we do carry a fairly large selection of. The rims are black, while the bridge and temples are a sort of brushed, antique silver looking metal.  To be fair, we do have a few pairs that look a little more similar:


So, fair enough.

But if you’re wearing a panto frame like THIS:


Or a rounded square shape like THESE:


…there really is a world of difference between you and a cupboard under the stairs. For starters, the temples on these frames are much higher, creating a more lifted look around the outer corners of your eyes. Secondly, full acetate gives off a much heavier and more present effect on the face. And square frames are, well, square. It’s a completely different shape.

So while we do have some more comparable styles, that doesn’t mean that they’ll look unbearably Potter-esque on YOU. Unless you’re walking around in billowing black robes with a Gryffindor patch, chances are that you’ve got a unique personal style that will set you apart from the JK Rowling universe.

I myself have been wearing my big, true round, drop-temple Savile Row frames for months now, and they are truly one of my most prized possessions. Do you know how many people have stopped me to tell me that I look like Harry Potter? Exactly zero. Do you know how many people have stopped me to tell me I have great glasses? I don’t either, because I’ve lost count.

The point is, don’t shy away from a beautiful frame because of a fictional character whose last movie came out, like, 6 years ago. These frames are fab, and so are you.

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