Gold Filled Eyeglasses

The first thing most people notice when they look at your face is your eyes, which is why a lot of people enjoy accessorizing their eye glasses like jewelery. There’s no better material to catch that luxurious sparkle than a gold filled pair of glasses. Cartier, a renown French jewelery and watch maker, is also one of the most sought after luxurious, high-end designer of gold eye glasses. With a distinctive warm shine, Cartier’s glasses are a definite head turner. Gold also wears exceptionally well over time, requiring very little maintenance. Most glasses are filled with 18 karat, and depending on user after care, tarnishing may occur.

Here at Opticianado, we have managed to secure a couple vintage pieces from Cartier as well as a few from Luxottica. Hope you enjoy their timeless design.
IMG 0232
IMG 0233
IMG 0234
IMG 0237
IMG 0238

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