Pantone’s colour of the year for 2017, ‘Greenery’, is a bright and joyful lime green that lends itself well to graphic design, textiles, and of course – eyewear!


We often find ourselves recommending green frames to our clients for a variety of reasons.

For blonde hair and blue eyes, the colour compliments your features perfectly and gives an overall cohesive and polished appearance.


If you have an olive-y/medium skintone, green blends seamlessly. By tying in with the green undertones of your skin so well, this colour almost works as a neutral, if you’re on the hunt for something ‘simple but interesting’, or an alternative to your usual black/tortoiseshell frames.


Colour makes such a huge difference when choosing the proper frame and showing the best of your features. With endless variations in tones and shades, there’s no limit to how you can play with your look whether you’re hoping for something playful or classic.


Stop by for a closer look at these and other greenery!

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