It’s important for the first sign of the zodiac to face the world with a frame that conveys their inner self-confidence. As a Mars-ruled fire sign, you are (disturbingly?) goal oriented and need a pair of glasses that is sleek and comfortable as it is risk-taking. The Lindberg Acetanium cat-eye or dark Strip frame, and this vintage aviator from Silhouette are all solid choices that convey the power and presence of the ram (scare people).


Though grounded in practicality, you’ve got a materialistic streak and your eyewear simply must convey your taste for the finer things in life. You can’t help but indulge, so you want a frame that is timelessly stylish with beautiful construction and refined details so everyone knows how #classy you are. Top choices for you are hand-made Japanese frames from Yellows Plus and the Opticianado Macro 002 ’cause it vaguely looks like bullhorns.


It’s tough to pin down a perfect frame for Gemini when realistically you need multiple options for each of your personalities. There’s a lot going on with you, always. You’ve got an eye for trends and love anything with a spirit of fun and experimentation, so try clear acetate, daring metals such as the Lindberg Mila or NOW collection, or this double-bridge cat-eye from Germano Gambini.


With the depth of the ocean running through you, you’re a sensitive soul and you’ll need something that frames your eyes beautifully while you cry on public transit. Something big and soft like the Opticianado 002 or Macro 006 in this custom-matted pastel hues? Or if you’re the nostalgic type (you are) this vintage pale blue cat-eye with elegant metal detail.


GOLD, GOLD, GOLD! Something that announces your presence like this Vintage Cartier frame, or the Lindberg Victoria will be the perfect cherry on top of your no-doubt already fabulous outfit. The compliments and attention you receive will sustain you and ensure survival for the winter. If anyone can pull off this Cazal, you can. Gold may be an obvious choice, but the sign of the lion isn’t exactly known for subtlety either, so.


Type-A, perfectionistic with extremely high expectations for both yourself and others, you’ll need an effortless frame to convey that you take being chill very seriously. A timeless metal such as the round Savile Row in 14kt rolled gold, a Lindberg strip or classic tortoiseshell ties together any ensemble both casual or professional while letting others know that you’re right all the time.


You could argue either side of anything, and you would give a mass murderer the benefit of the doubt. Your desire for harmony and pleasing everyone around you often leads you to be suuuuper indecisive and wishy-washy, so you’re best off with a frame that is ‘simple, but interesting’ to get the best of both worlds. Combining classic elements with contemporary details gives an edge to your frame while keeping it versatile.


People are always giving you the side-eye because you seem so stand-offish, and they can’t see or appreciate the many different facets of your personality lying beneath the surface. The Matsuda vintage frames are perfect for you because they’re just like you. They read as simple, minimal, and muted, but from close up the exquisite detail inherent in Japanese craftsmanship comes through. Unusual angles, filigree, and subtle changes of shape make these frames truly unique.


You’re strange and you don’t care. Go right for the top shelf and pick the craziest frames that jump out at you. LA Eyeworks makes the perfect frames for Sagittarius because they specialize in bold, funky colours and shapes that make you say ‘seriously?’ while also wishing you had the confidence to wear them. It’s like you were born without the capacity to feel fear.


If something isn’t easy, you won’t do it, so you need an effortless frame like your fellow earth-sign Virgo. Everything you do is carefully calculated, meaning you should stick to classics with a twist. Lightweight Japanese frames from Acoustic Line or Waza are warm, streamlined and elegant, with just enough hints of visual interest to be a great conversation starter while you’re networking.


You are well-liked because your oblivious nature makes you the best source of unintentional hilarity in your friend group. That said, you care very deeply about seeming interesting. Geometric shapes like these from Germano Gambini give off that cool, hippie vibe while still making you seem like you prefer Nabokov’s other works besides ‘Lolita’.


You’re another sensitive flower and you’re in the crying on public transit club with Cancer. The perfect frame for you is soft, artistic, and pretty to look at when you’re telling someone you met 5 minutes ago your whole life story. This rose-champagne Germano Gambini frame is a good choice, as is this new Japanese-made Opticianado with quirky acetate, or oblong vintage combination that makes you look like you have owl eyes. So precious.

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