With a focus on vintage pieces spanning decades from the 50s through to the late 90s, we’re proud to line our shelves with a thoughtfully curated collection of one-of-a-kind frames in all shapes, sizes and colours. While these pieces are no doubt intruiging, some may be intimidated and unsure of how to incorporate such unique frames into their wardrobe.

It’s important when cultivating one’s personal style to choose eyewear that will not only enhance facial features, but also blend seamlessly with the rest of of one’s clothes and function in a variety of settings. While fashion and trends are fun and playful, exuding good personal style reflects a sense of self-awareness and how one wishes to be perceived by others. But this doesn’t mean sticking to only the most classic (or “boring”) of frames!

Today I’ve chosen one of our most ‘out there’ frames: an oversized pair of vintage British floral sunglasses, and styled them three different ways to show that even the most unique frames can be worn with versatility.

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The key when styling a pair of sunglasses like these is balance. Simple denim and sleek clothing like white blouses and solid colour dresses help the overall look stay grounded and wearable. The focus remains on the sunnies while tying in the colours with details and accessories keeps them from looking out of place.



OR, if you’re into bolder looks with stacked patterns, luxurious fabrics and silhouettes, you can go all out! Make these sunglasses the cherry on top of a fashion sundae by using colour and detail to keep busier and textured looks harmonious.

Hopefully some of these tips and ideas have got you inspired to take some fashion risks with your next pair. We see so many beautiful, vibrant customers thinking they can’t ‘pull off’ something they love just because it’s a little out of their comfort zone, and that is simply not true.

A few clever tricks can help even the most avant-garde of frames look good on anyone!

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